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hampshire-antiqueAt Master Craftsmen Kitchens we supply top quality kitchens, which includes a range hand made by skilled craftsmen.

Our kitchen cupboards are designed and made specifically for each client.

Our cabinets are drilled individually with over 500 variations available.We offer a choice of over 20 carcase colour combinations to suit our range of doors.

Smooth draw motion.

Our drawers are designed to run smoothly with runners supporting the drawer from underneath and not the sides. A solid base and sturdy construction of the drawer make our titanium drawer boxes capable of taking up to 30Kg in weight while extending fully.

They also feature Blum motion, which is a self closing system that works by cushioning the drawer 50mm from the cabinet edge and pulling it shut in a soft controlled way, protecting both drawer and contents.

Constructed to last.

Our Premier range of 'Rigid' cabinets are factory-assembled and squared under pressure using traditional 'Dowel & Glue' joints. Then the assembled units are delivered to the site. 

This process may not necessarily be more expensive than purchasing a kitchen supplied flat pack (we do also supply kitchens in flat pack format), as it saves costly time with regard to on site assembly.

The back panels are 8mm Medium Density Fibreboard and fitted during factory construction as an integral part of the cabinet, giving dramatically better rigidity. 

The cabinet sides and shelves are 19mm thick and have solid metal shelf supports so they can withstand heavy loads easily.

sargasso-walnutAll drawer bases are factory constructed from 16mm metallic effect MFC and rigorously tested to the highest of standards.

Kitchen fitability - maximise your kitchens potential.

The art of successful kitchen planning is to maximise the space available and create a space that is both practical and functional without compromising on style.

Master Craftsmen Kitchens offer a comprehensive design service that enables you to get the maximum use and convenience out of your kitchen space.

  • We offer cabinets in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
  • We have cabinets to fit the kitchen without the need for excessive 'filler panels'.
  • We can place the oven or microwave at the height you want.
  • We offer cabinets at varying worktop heights to suit most requirements.
  • We supply a wide range of accessories to maximise your storage space.

Come to our showroom and witness the quality of all our kitchens.